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SUPPORT LOCAL ECONOMY! Annual certification process for organic producers has 2 parts: a. inspection of farm, records & activities; b. review & assessment of findings. Altogether, many hours are invested prior to final decision and subsequent license.

Due to higher value & market trends, the program has departed from its original guidelines, as large multi-nation corporations are bending rules in their favor, to the detriment of customers. Bottom line, when purchasing "Organic" labeled produce, adding "Local" to the equation carries more substance and let retailers know your preference.

MERCHANTS OF ARABIA. While touring Israel's southern desert, we visited ancient Nabataean city Avdat

(300 BC - 600 AD). It's situated along "incense & spice route", a stretch between the Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Peninsula and Far East, which was traversed by caravans carrying the precious provisions. Despite hot & dry climate those dwellers mastered sustainable desert farming to support their livelihood & the local economy.


Runs through January, or till supplies last.

Does not include other discounts.

LARGE PATIO-TAINERS combos @ $25.00 each, or 2 for $40.00

10% DISCOUNT ON ROSES when ordered & paid by March 31st.

ROSES IN SPOTLIGHT: Emily Carr, beautiful red, Canadian pillar; Cape Diamond, pink groundcover, fragrant, very hardy & vigorous; Earth Song, favorite deep pink, easy care Grandiflora; White Pavement, super hardy Rugosa, very fragrant large flowers & rose hips (fruit). For more refer to: http://www.kedemgarden.com/roses/.


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