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Distinctive Gifts by Little Florets

Hello, my name Olga Flores and after years of hoping to have my own flower and small gift business with help and support of family and friends I finally opened my one person operations in June of 2017. It is a hobby business that has my heart, my soul and my passion. I specialize in flower arrangements, most of them one of a kind for special occasions and I work with you and your family to make it very personal. You can read my whole story on my Facebook page, LitteFlorets. What is worth noting here is that I was honored to work for Sam and Rachel Kedem and still hold that job as one of the best experiences I ever had in my life.

After months of dreaming up fun things that can be done for holidays and weeks of preparations, some of my sample floral holiday arrangements are finally here for pre order. As always keep in mind, colors and sizes, containers( pretty much everything) can be customized and made to order. That is what it make so much fun. There is a preorder sale that is running till November 17th and you will get free flower arrangement with orders of my gifts of $75 or more. Most of shown arrangements run from $15-$35 range, but everything can be custom ordered to be smaller or bigger.

In addition I can help you to put together outdoor planters filled with spruce tips and variety of other evergreens from MN as well as pacific NW. After that together we can dress those beauties to your taste, filled all nature gifts, like bird seeds delights of millet, dried local flowers, birch logs, huge sugar cones or we can glitter it up and cover in ornaments so you can see it from moon. I also can provide you simple green arrangement that you can decorate to your taste. I currently plan to offer 3 sizes, shown in this album( please note pots shape might vary as well as contents, shown arrangements are samples. If you want something very similar, please let me know in advance).

Pricing varies, based on what you want to do. It is running from $15 for small to $65+ for extra large. As always, we can discuss what is your budget and expectations and I can customize, add and remove and be creative to meet your needs and make it just the way you want it.. Please keep in mind, I do have limited quantities, so order yours early!

I also offer affordable one of a kind handmade gifts for the holidays, my inspiration is in love for Northern European and Russian folk tales, Minnesotan and Russian flora, mushrooms and mosses, North shore stones and birches, spruces, pine cones and frigid waters of lake Superior.

Almost everything I do is made to order, that means we can always work on sizes and color and pricing to fit your needs and budged. If you see something you like for sale at retail store at Sam’s, generally it would mean that is the only one I have for sale. So if you like it , buy it.

Best regards,Olga

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